Hanging of posters


Each superficies can holds more A1 posters (standard size of poster is 59 cm wide and 84 cm high).

Superfiencies are situated so that the posters are easy to read from the pedestrians point of view.

Posters are accepted on weekdays from 10 am to 17:30 pm

● at the premises in Rybná 21, Praha 1

● by appointment at tel: +240 605 478 238

● e-mail: provas.plakatovani@gmail.com

Other important information:

● We accept posters for posting against forpayment 

●we do not accept posters sizes smaller than A2 (60 cm x 42 cm).

● We are not liable for any damage to the posters or to anyone affixed to them

● we recommend  add aproximately 20% extra posters, for eventually replacing posters of depreciated.

● The smallest order is 300,-Kč.

Sticker surfaces

Náměstí Republiky

Metro Malostranská u výstupu z metra

Metro Malostranská u tramvajové zastávky

Soukenická z Revoluční

Na Slupi - prodejna Lidl

Metro Luka

Štefánikova  - Smíchov


Metro Malostranská u tramvajové zastávky

Museum Kampa

Zeď Valdštejnské zahrady

Albertov - Botanická zahrada


I.P. Pavlova

Agentura ProVás, s.r.o.

Rybná 695/21, 110 00 Praha  provas@volny.cz

Updated: June 2020